Style Revisited: Second Hand Items with a Flair

NORTH LIBERTY- Storing old furniture and items that are no longer used can be a hassle. Cindy Knebel, owner and operator of North Liberty's newest consignment shop, Revisit, has the solution to that problem.

"Most everyone has some things they would like to get rid of or are looking for ways to spruce up what they already have. Revisit is the perfect place to do both," said Knebel.

Stylish art pieces, jewelry, tables, chairs and other furniture are just a few of the items that can be found at the shop, located in Liberty Plaza. Revisit, which opened May 1, is already drawing interest from the community.

"We have a lot of people coming in to browse and ask about how to go about consigning with us. We're growing every day," said Knebel. Knebel, who is from Iowa City, said she originally wanted to go into the interior design program at the University of Iowa, but the college was ending its program just as she was starting classes. "I would have had to go to Iowa State if I wanted to pursue a degree in that field. I decided to stay at the U of I and graduated with a marketing degree," said Knebel.

Knebel has worked in the interior design business for several years, which includes a few years as a cabinet designer. "I also worked at Things Things Things in downtown Iowa City for five years and was also at Bachmeier's in Coralville for five years," she said.

Knebel said she has always had a passion for interior design. The first opportunity to own a business came early in her career. "My dream has always been to have my own shop and when Things Things Things closed in 1995, the owners gave me the option of taking over their business for free. I wrote up a business and marketing plan, but in the end I decided that it just wasn't the right time" Because Coral Ridge Mall was opening that same year, Knebel said that downtown retailers weren't sure how it would affect their businesses. "The store was going to have to move to another building and I wanted to keep it in the same area.

There were so many 'what ifs' that I just wasn't ready to risk it at that time," she said. Knebel said when she considered opening Revisit, things were noticeably different. "We kind of put everything together in a rush. I didn't really even think seriously about it until February. But right away, everything seemed to click. I kept expecting someone to say, 'sorry, we can't help you,' but no one did. It all kind of fell into place," she said with a smile.

Knebel is married and has two children. Her husband, Rick, is a remodeler for Lange Construction. Her daughter, Paige, is in marketing for the Alzheimer's Association and her son, Eddie, is a student at Coe College in Cedar Rapids. "I turned 50 this year and opening a store is something I always wanted to do but my kids always came first. Now that they are grown, I have finally been able to realize my dream. Revisit is the result," she said. Knebel said that she got the idea for the shop because people often look for something different and out of the ordinary for their homes. "If you look at interior design magazines, you will see that they are mixing old and new together, which creates character and, in turn, something new and different," she said.

Though Knebel encourages people to bring their items to her for resale, she said she has to be selective about what she accepts. "Everyone has something they want to get rid of but I really can only accept items that are in good condition and will sell rather quickly," she said. "I really want to maintain that sense of quality, as well as the affordable price," she said. Knebel said that she thought North Liberty was the perfect place to open Revisit. "I think everyone is looking for a bargain these days. People can have nice things without spending a fortune for them," said Knebel. "North Liberty is a growing community and I thought the town could really use a shop like this"