About Us

The Revisit Warehouse is a culmination of experience and passion for home décor by Cindy Knebel to help people design the perfect space for their home. From an early age, Cindy knew she had a knack for coordinating things and enjoyed studying business. After 25 years in retail, Cindy realized that every job she had taken was connected to home décor. This was a pattern she couldn't ignore. The Warehouse is a business that has evolved from a high-end furniture consignment store into a brand that gives old pieces of furniture new life and offers home decorating and design on a budget.

The concept of the Revisit Warehouse - helping others reach their desired space on a budget - is a dream come true for Cindy. A person's home should reflect their personality, whether it is bold, calm, colorful, traditional, or modern. The Warehouse doesn’t want to rewrite your look. We help mix new pieces with pieces you have to find a fresh look that reflects your personality without breaking the bank.

People don't walk into a furniture store and buy a whole room or house full of furniture. They want a mix of new, old and refurbished to bring interest to their home and create something unique to their personality. We truly enjoy helping people find or design the perfect piece or space for their home.