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On a sunny summer day, Revisit Warehouse met with Emily McMahon from Soirée Wedding Planning to talk about newlyweds and their transitions into a new life as a married couple. Planning a picture-perfect wedding is not the only thing couples need to worry about! Most are simultaneously planning to or have moved into a new place, and it’s all about making it into their home.

Emily has planned over 400 weddings (or at least that’s where she stopped counting), and her website showcases the beautiful results. She loves working with couples and helping them turn their dream wedding into a reality. At Revisit Warehouse we want to support other women owned businesses in the local area and this is her story.


This is how our conversation went:

Revisit Warehouse: From your experience when working with couples going through transition and starting a life together as husband and wife. Do you see similarities between wedding planning and home decor planning?

 Emily McMahon: The way a couple organize their wedding planning, reflects how they are organizing their home. Emily found that a lot of the couples already live together before marriage and now that they are getting married, they are upgrading to a bigger-better house. I’m working with a couple that just moved to their new house, and they are getting married next month!

RW: How important is it to create budgets either for a wedding or a new home? Do couples stick to them?

EM: The average age to get married is getting a little older, so at this point couples have better jobs and most have more room to spend on either their home or weddings. I’ve noticed they all have an initial budget, but as time passes by, they adapt it according to their needs and their goals. Do they want a photographer and a videographer or want a better DJ? If so, they make it happen.

There is a lot of transition happening at this time of their lives. Similar thoughts happen in their home decor. If they see this beautiful dresser or headboard and it’s over their budget, if they really need and want it, they will purchase it.

RW: How was your personal experience with your husband? How did you both build a home together?

EM:  We moved in together about a year before we got married. He moved into my place because he was renting a place with some roommates and I owned a condo. He basically just brought his clothes and sold everything else! When we got pregnant with our first daughter, we bought a house and had to get a bunch of stuff because we transitioned from a 2-room condo to a 4-bedroom house.”

I like neutral color, couple grey couches and modern pieces. We live in a house that was built in the 90s. We do have pops of color around the house, like my daughters’ bedroom being coral pink since it is my favorite color. I even used it for my wedding! For my son's room, I worked with Revisit Warehouse transforming a dresser into a changing station.  I wanted to change the color to navy blue to coordinate with the theme of my sons' room.”  Revisit Warehouse transformed it into a beautiful changing table.

Now, I really want Cindy to come to my house and change my kitchen cabinets!

RW: Do couples follow a pattern or a theme between their wedding and their home? Like color palettes or an aesthetic?

EM: There is a definite correlation between people’s lifestyles and the theme that they want to follow on their wedding.  For weddings, the trend is to have modern details with a pop of color, but not to overly contemporary.

Every wedding planning is different according to the couple. For example, some prefer a more family oriented, ‘kid friendly’ wedding, while others want a more formal affair. I think it is related to couples’ priorities.


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We had a wonderful time talking to Emily and learning about her business and her input on new homes! We thank her time and wish her the best in this busy time of year for wedding planning.

Revisit Warehouse offers beautiful and unique furniture pieces at a comfortable price. We are a perfect source for decorating your home as you transition or build a new life together. Don’t forget to check our New Arrivals!


Picture by Stephanie Marie Photography, Iowa City.



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