"Simply put -I let the furniture do the talking" Jane's story

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 Author: Kaila Pinto

After leaving Jane's home, you find yourself wondering what memories can be found within furniture? What gatherings have they been through? What emotions have they seen? What kind of places have they been? In some homes, furniture is simply an object, a tool. In others, however, furniture holds precious memories that tell a story to those who are willing to listen. 

Jane grew up in Bloomfield, southern Iowa. Her father was a lawyer, and her mother was a housewife. One piece, that held special significance to both her and her family, was an Ethan Allen dry sink. This, now concord grape purple piece, was the center of attention for her parents' cocktail parties. She describes, "They were navy, World War II parents and it was the cocktail generation so when I was a child, this was always the gathering place."

When her mother passed away, Jane decided to keep the piece and asked Cindy if she could redo it for her. She recalls, "I have no crafty in me, but I always said to Cindy, 'Would you paint something for me if I really wanted to keep a piece?'... it just made me really happy to know that I could keep these pieces and pass them on to my kids and grand kids and they would have the same, kind of good-memory feel from them that I do." 

Some other pieces that Jane affectionately recalls are several bookcases that she has collected from both her husband's family, and her own. A black bookcase with brown inserts from her husband's family holds particular bittersweet memories. "The glass shelf bookcase in my husbands family, now that my husband’s gone, means the world to me because that’s a piece of him that I will always have. But, it’s all of it, it’s all of it together. Just knowing that I’m able to hang on to these things and someday pass them on myself I hope." Another bookcase that holds significance within her mothers home, also recalls affectionate moments of her family's fondness for reading. "We were all readers in my family and we had book cases everywhere. So I kept as many of the bookcases from my mom’s house in Bloomfield when she moved up here." 

When concluding the interview, Jane spoke of what Revisit Warehouse and Cindy meant to her, "I’m just so glad I met Cindy and she was able to do this for me because I don’t have the talent. I know in my head what I want, and I know what I want things to look like ... I would just urge everyone to take their favorite piece and just have fun with it! Let it be something that’s going to be in your life, before you’re going to throw it out onto the garbage heap. Take another look at it! If the bones are good, I think you can save it." 

As Jane simply put, "I let my furniture do the talking."

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